Larry Einhorn

Larry Einhorn

Office: In memory of Larry Iron?

Randall Irons SD, April 20. Randall occasionally takes episodes away from the office.

This is Godhri.

Larry Iron

Larry M. Iron and Dr. Lawrence H. Iron are not the same person. Stony would be embarrassed to refer to Wikipedia as a reference.

Dr. Lawrence Iron is a respected oncologist and you can't find him.

Out for Larry (cited above)

I saw a long list of credits for the office at IMDB and all I could think of was a cameraman named Randall Iron. I've also heard some actors refer to Randall in some DVD reviews. I thought he was Randall's brother and offered my condolences to him.

Well, thanks everyone, as soon as I left it became clear to me that the only real way to do anything with movies, TV shows and all of them ... I watched many episodes of Randall Iron's Med Are Suppose Larry is your father ...

Anyway, J779 won Jack

I had the same question ... I only knew Larry Iron, who led the development of the medical system for testicular cancer, but I could not find any connection with the office.

From what I saw at the end of the episode, the director of p-tattoography is your father Randall Iron. He later appeared as a credit advisor. At least that's my best guess. >>.>

Larry Einhorn

Larry Einhorn

One of the directors of the office was Randall Iron ... that's all I have.

F * Like to answer.

I'm writing Larry's memory on the desktop and I'll be here. He is mad. Too many crazy answers. The mess has become real.

Yes. Dr. Lawrence Iron is Randall Iron. Randall will direct the fourth installment of the season next week. The late Dr. Iron is a professor of medicine at Indiana University. Not only did Lance Armstrong treat testicular cancer, but his work in the field increased the survival rate from 10% to 95%.

Larry Einhorn