Definition of Landfill:

  1. Environmentally acceptable disposal of waste on ground. Sanitary landfills are where non-hazardous waste is spread in layers, compacted, and covered with earth at the end of each working day. Secure landfills are those where hazardous waste is disposed of by burial, in holes or trenches in ground lined with impervious plastic sheeting to prevent leakage or leaching of dangerous substances into soil and water supply.

How to use Landfill in a sentence?

  1. You should always be sure to not send any bad waste to a landfill that may do extreme damage to the environment.
  2. The landfill was properly generated and used frequently during the construction process engaged in our region which we talked about in the meeting.
  3. I did not know what else to do with the television, so I brought it to a landfill where I had to pay some money to throw it away.

Meaning of Landfill & Landfill Definition