Land degradation

Land degradation,

Definition of Land degradation:

  1. Wearing rocks due to melting.

  2. The state or process of degradation.

  3. Degradation of soil quality, surface soil, vegetation and / or water resources is usually greater than or under exploitation.

Synonyms of Land degradation

Shame, Ignominy, Mortification, Indignity, Loss of pride, Abasement, Loss of dignity, Humiliation, Loss of self-respect

How to use Land degradation in a sentence?

  1. Signs of human suffering and humiliation.
  2. The rate of land damage this year is higher than in previous years and scares us all.
  3. Soil degradation in the Chinese city of Beijing has reached extreme pollution and water is no longer drinkable.
  4. You should always make sure that your company is not involved in soil erosion, which has long-term effects.
  5. Students measure and demonstrate the process of mountain erosion / degradation.

Meaning of Land degradation & Land degradation Definition