Laminate flooring for basement

Laminate flooring for basement

What is the best flooring option for a basement? Waterproof laminate is the best option for covering your basement. This not only prevents water from damaging the floors, but also makes it easier to clean in the event of a leak or spill.

What are the best flooring products for a finished basement?

Top 7 Basement Flooring Options (Under $10 Epoxy (DIY kits are about $120 each) - This two-part coating can be applied in the same way as paint, but creates a thicker coat that is generally smoother, more durable and rubber tiles is either rubber sheet, vinyl board or tile, vinyl sheet, laminated wood floors.

How do you laminate a basement floor?

Cover the concrete floor with a 6 mil plastic sheet that will act as a vapor foam sheet over the plastic if recommended by the laminate manufacturer. Place laminate boxes in the room and allow the floor to acclimate to the indoor humidity for 24 days before installing. best cellar.

What are the problems with laminate flooring?

Other problems with laminate floors include frayed and broken ■■■■■ edges or cracked corners. Both factors can cause the floor to be laid poorly and are responsible for its movement. Also, laminate areas with these issues may appear uneven when installed.

What is the best type of flooring for a basement?

Floors with vapor barrier. The best basement floor is the one that solves most, if not all, basement problems. And that's exactly what built-in vapor barrier tiles are capable of. These tiles are available in many different variants.

What is the cheapest basement flooring?

Paint is usually the cheapest option for a baseboard. Use a good quality epoxy, usually two part, and follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. Some epoxy and concrete paints require sealing, stripping or other preparation.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the best floor for a finished basement?

Vinyl, tile, or plank floors are the most attractive 100% waterproof basement floors that most homeowners can easily install. Vinyl tile or plank floors meet the requirements for basement floors. It is 100% waterproof. Easy to clean in case of flooding.

What is the best flooring option for a basement wall

Two of the best waterproof options for basement floors are epoxy paint and sealed concrete. Both are not only affordable, but also durable and waterproof. Epoxy paint dries thick and hard, providing the durability that comes with maintaining a basement floor.

Basement floor tiles

What is the best floor covering for a basement?

Vinyl, tile, or plank floors are the most attractive 100% waterproof basement floors that most homeowners can easily install. Vinyl tile or plank floors meet the requirements for basement floors. It is 100% waterproof.

:brown_circle: What is the Best Flooring for a master bedroom?

Hardwood floors are a classic bedroom option, adding beauty and value to a home. Hardwood can be used in any bedroom, including the bathroom. Wood is also a good choice for children's rooms because of its durability.

:brown_circle: What is a concrete basement?

Concrete is the most commonly used material for building basements. Due to its resistance to moisture and the many design options, it is also preferred for finished basements. CAN YOU HAVE A BASEMENT?

What types of flooring are the best?

  • Parquet floors. Natural parquet floors are made from a single piece of wood from top to bottom.
  • Technical floors. Parquet floors are also made of natural wood, but their construction is different from others, which offers a number of advantages.
  • Laminate floors.
  • Floor tiles.
  • Luxury vinyl floors.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Which flooring method is the best?

The best flooring for a living room is wood or carpet. They offer comfort and style without sacrificing durability. When choosing flooring for your study or family room, look for vinyl or carpet. They offer the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

What is the better brand of hardwood flooring?

  • Bruce. Sometimes just tapping while the iron is hot is enough.
  • Carlisle. Carlisle of New Hampshire plans to change the sign's high status to make it accessible to more homeowners and for those homeowners to understand this unique product.
  • Homemade brands of forest liquidators.
  • Hardwood antlers.
  • Company of the Bois.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the best low maintenance flooring?

Ceramic tile floors offer many of the same low-maintenance benefits as concrete floors. Ceramic tile floors are durable and long lasting, they will not scratch or dent, and they are water resistant, making them easy to clean and ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

What is the best flooring option for a basement room

These are the floors that work best for basement floors: Concrete floors are definitely your first choice. Stone Tile - Not all stone materials are natural for basement floors, but stronger stones such as slate are popular choices for basements.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the best tile for basement floors?

Since flooring professionals generally don't recommend installing traditional wood planks or planks underground, the top six options for concrete basement floors are wood. laminate flooring. Carpet. Vinyl tiles. Ceramic tiles.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do you clean a basement floor?

Here are some basic steps you can take to keep your basement floor clean: Scrub or remove dirt and grime. Use soap and water and pat dry. Ammonia solutions are stronger than bleach to resist disinfection and stubborn stains.

What is the best flooring option for a basement ceiling

The best basement floor is vinyl. Vinyl floors can be in the form of vinyl planks and vinyl tiles, making them almost the same as wood and stone products, and they are also waterproof. Vinyl floors are made of PVC, which makes them durable and waterproof.

How do you finish a basement ceiling?

Hide everything with paint. One of the quickest and cheapest ways to finish a basement ceiling is to paint everything. A monochrome ceiling hides all the pipes and ducts, a technique often used in urban spaces turning into cafes and shops.

How do I insulate a basement ceiling?

Basement ceilings are easily insulated with bare fiberglass batts or ceilings installed between the floor joists and secured with wire, rope, or spring loaded metal clips called clamps. Due to the insulation of the basement ceiling, most of the heat from the upper floor is stored in the living room.

:brown_circle: What is the best way to paint a basement ceiling?

Fill airless spray with primer. Spray the basement ceiling joists with primer. Start in one corner and lower the rafters, rocking back and forth slightly for even coverage. Continue along the next rafter line until the roof is closed. Let the primer dry.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Does fiberglass insulation need to be covered?

Exposed fiberglass insulation meets fire regulations in most states. In the event of a fire, there should be no paper in the insulation that is not covered with wall panels. Fiberglass insulation will not deteriorate if not exposed to water. The fiber can fly through the air if the vent is blown up or damaged in any way.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the best flooring option for a basement patio

They recommend luxury vinyl planks to most people. LVP is waterproof, durable and relatively inexpensive. These features provide a unique option for installation above a concrete basement. Parquet is another option for those looking for a beautiful parquet floor in the basement.

Can you put tile on a basement floor?

That's why tile flooring isn't cheap unless you do the work yourself. Fortunately, the tile work in a basement is not much different from other floors in the house. If there are large cracks in the basement slab (especially cracks that move), it is advisable to place a spacer membrane under the slab.

What type of flooring can be installed over concrete?

Here is a list of 6 of the best options for concrete floors. Laminate floors are individual planks made of multiple layers of plywood and plastic. Laminate floors can be anything from traditional hardwood floors to colors and patterns that mimic the look of tile or stone floors.

What is the best DIY flooring option for your home?

The best option for home decoration is vinyl or parquet laminate. Floors with a porous, waterproof surface include vinyl planks or panels that are easier to install or maintain. All you need to do is sweep regularly and mop every now and then.

:brown_circle: Does Home Depot install flooring?

While The Home Depot does not manufacture its own floors, it sells and installs third-party floors. Most of these floors are sold under exclusive brand names.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How to install vinyl plank flooring from Home Depot?

Lay the first row of vinyl records along the wall, leaving the manufacturer-recommended space for expansion between the edge of the board and the wall (usually about 1/4 inch). Pin the planks together, overlap the adhesive strips and press down firmly with a hand roller to apply even pressure to each plank. Continue to work around the room, making sure all boards are firmly and securely attached to the grip tape joints. For the edges, cut the planks to size and press down to allow for expansion, as in the first row. Replace the base by nailing it to the wall, not the floor. When installation is complete, remove the struts and roll the entire floor back and forth with a 75- or 100-pound floor roller.

Does Home Depot have installers?

Most Home Depots have installation capabilities, but outsource the work to other companies; they do not have their own installation kit. It's much better to do your research and find your own installation company, or do it yourself, than rely on the team that founded Home Depot.

:brown_circle: Where can laminate flooring be installed in the home?

Laminate floors can be installed almost anywhere in your home, above or below ground, as long as you have a stable, clean, dry and level floor. It is ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, dressing rooms, lobbies, dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms.

Who sells Armstrong Flooring?

Elite dealers have the largest selection of Armstrong Flooring products and an experienced team of highly trained professionals. Retailers in this group can stock a variety of Armstrong Flooring products and displays.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is the best vinyl plank flooring?

  • Finalist: COREtec. COREtec isn't as well known as Shaw or Mohawk, but flooring experts know how good the brand is.
  • Best option: Mohawk. Hopefully a great flooring company like Mohawk has a good selection and you won't be disappointed.
  • Stronger: Shaw Floorte Plus 20mil and 30mil It can also be called the "most expensive" LVP, or at least close to it.
  • Luxury vinyl records with the best value for money: NuCore. These are high-end floors for an average price. You get what you pay for, although there aren't many options.
  • Worst Quality: Vivero Gut. Strange name, huh? Is LVP good and bad? To clarify, the Armstrong Nursery comes in three lines: Good, Better and Better.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: What is Armstrong Flooring?

Armstrong floor care. Armstrong is one of the world's largest manufacturers of floors for homes and businesses. In addition to the Armstrong line, the company also produces hardwood, laminate, linoleum, artificial stone and vinyl floors under the Hartco, Bruce and Robbins brand names.

Is luxury vinyl tile better than laminate?

In many cases, a luxury vinyl tile will look the same or better than comparable laminate floors. With the introduction of the latest digital imaging technology, many luxury vinyl tile products even seem indistinguishable from reality!

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Who sells Shaw carpeting?

Georgia Carpet is the only authorized reseller of Shaw carpet tiles and rolls shipped nationwide, meaning it can deliver beautiful, durable, stain resistant Shaw carpets right to your door. Shaw also offers full warranties on its home rugs, including a lifetime stain guarantee on the Simply Yours line.

:brown_circle: Is Shaw flooring waterproof?

Excellent water resistance thanks to the sturdy Shaw LifeGuard core. Floorte's waterproof properties make it ideal for high humidity environments such as basements, bathrooms and changing rooms. Floorte with LifeGuard is a waterproof wood-look floor covering. Cada models are 12 mils thick with AmourBead surface protection, while Largo models are 20 mils thick.

:brown_circle: How to repair Shaw vinyl plank flooring?

Try mixing warm water and some dish soap in a bucket. Take a sponge and dip it in the mixture and wipe the scratched board clean. Allow the vinyl records to dry completely before proceeding and make sure no one walks on them. Use a medium-sized sheet of sandpaper to gently rub the scratches in a straight line. Do this carefully without losing too much. Then rub the scratches with fine sandpaper in light circular motions. Then take a new sponge and wash the scratched area again. Once you have finished sanding, wax the plate with a good quality automotive friction paste. You should also make sure that the dough is not on the scratch and then wipe it off. Wipe the area again with another clean cloth and see if there are any visible scratches.

Who carries Shaw vinyl flooring?

Jefferson Street Flooring offers Flexitec, Armstrong and Shaw vinyl floors. Come and see their wide range of vinyl records. It's perfect for laundries, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and more. You'll be amazed at how far vinyl has come in the last five years.

What is the best tile for floor?

Porcelain pottery is a type of ceramic tile that is fired at a higher temperature than conventional ceramics, making it denser and less porous. Suitable for: The use of stain and impact resistant porcelain stoneware tiles on floors, walls and rear walls.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you calculate floor tiles?

To determine the number of tiles needed for a given area, multiply the length by the width of the area in feet to find the total area in square feet, then divide that number by the size of the tile.

What is the best tile flooring?

The best mosaic depends on the room, your budget and the look you want. Tile floors are a popular classic look for a kitchen or bathroom, but tiles can be used throughout the house. Some of the many different materials used for tile floors include stone, vinyl, linoleum, cork, and ceramic.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What is the purpose of floor tiles?

The tiles have a small edge on the tiles to provide heat resistance, for example, in installations where this quality is important. B. on kitchen worktops. There is practically no difference in the waterproofing of wall and floor tiles. The upholstery and floor have the same maintenance profile. The tiles can be washed with soap and water.

Who sells Bruce hardwood flooring?

The flooring giant has completed the sale of its parquet segment to subsidiary American Industrial Partners for $100 million. The segment, which includes the Bruce and HomerWood brands, has six manufacturing facilities in Arkansas, Kentucky, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and West Virginia.

Basement refinishing

Who sells Bruce floor cleaner?

Buy Bruce Liquid Floor Cleaner 64 fl oz from the Floor Cleaning Department of Lowe Bruce. Ready for use.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you clean Bruce hardwood floors?

Clean your parquet floor regularly with Armstrong Flooring or Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Cleaner or microfibre or terry cloth mop and cleaner. Never clean with water. To breathe new life into old floors, apply one or more coats of Bruce Fresh Finish.

:brown_circle: What is the Best Flooring to buy?

The best wood flooring brands are Westhollow, North American Hardwood, and Kahrs. These brands consistently receive the highest marks for quality, appearance, durability, price, warranty and customer satisfaction.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How much does luxury vinyl flooring cost?

There are several factors to consider when deciding how much to spend on your floor: Vinyl floors cost between $3 and $7 per square foot on average. On the other hand, luxury vinyl flooring costs between $5 and $12 per square foot, depending on size, color and style.

Stone laminate flooring

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Where to buy luxury vinyl plank flooring?

AZ Supreme Flooring LLC offers a wide variety of vinyl plank flooring, commonly known as luxury vinyl tile. LVP/LVT floors are still affordable and much cheaper than traditional parquet and tile floors. When you buy from AZ Supreme Flooring LLC, you are buying from a local family business.

How do you install vinyl flooring?

Start in the middle. An important rule of thumb when installing vinyl tile floors is to start in the center of the room, not in one of the corners. When you start laying the tile, apply the adhesive to the subfloor with a trowel to fully hold the vinyl squares.

:brown_circle: Can you install bamboo flooring in a basement?

Treated bamboo floors. One way to make a bamboo floor in your basement without worrying about the many dangers of moisture is to look at a bamboo floor.

Can hardwood flooring be installed in a basement?

There are two types of parquet systems that can be installed in a basement. The first is called GlueDown and the second is Free Floating.

Hardwood floor installation near me

Can you install hardwood flooring over laminate?

Laminate floors can be laid directly over hardwood, often without preparation. If your laminate has a built-in backing, you can install it directly over your hardwood. If your new floor does not have a built-in subfloor, simply roll it out, glue it to the parquet and start laying the laminate.

:brown_circle: Can you install hardwood in a basement?

Yes, you can lay wood floors in your basement as long as there are no water or moisture problems. In Westchester, NY, many basements are underground and/or built directly into the ceiling. Because of this, many basements (especially older homes) often have water leakage problems or are sensitive to excessive humidity.

How do you install a laminate wood floor?

Insert the tab into the slot on the long side and align the mechanical seal. Working evenly across the board, lightly tap the closed ■■■■■ with a pull rod and rubber mallet. After hitting the seal on the long closed side, slam the narrow side shut with a stop block or drawbar. Remove all spacers.

What is the best laminate flooring for a basement?

New water-resistant laminates are now available. In the basement, a laminate floor with a strong plastic core is the best option.

Vinyl plank flooring vs laminate

How do you calculate laminate flooring?

Measure the length and width of the rooms in which you plan to install your laminate floor. For more precision, measure twice. Multiply the length of the room by its width to find the total area.

How do you laminate a basement floor with tile

Fill in the seams first. Joints should be filled on the top or front of the ceramic tile to get a smooth laminate floor finish. You can simply pour the grout in the normal way with very light pressure to keep the grout even.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How do you laminate a basement floor board

To do this, simply stick the plastic sheet on the floor. Laminate floors come in easy-to-install pieces that snap together and make installation easy. Traditional laminate floors are still suitable for basements, but require an underlayment to prevent moisture damage.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Can you put laminate flooring in a basement?

A laminate floor is ideal if you are looking for an affordable basement floor. Before laying the floor, it is important to eliminate moisture problems so as not to damage the floor in the future.

How do you install laminate flooring?

Install laminate boards by inserting one short end into the other at an angle of about 20 degrees and pushing down. When you get to the last board in a row, cut the decorative side of the board up if using a hacksaw, or down if using a chainsaw, and place it.

:brown_circle: How to choose the right flooring for your basement?

Be careful when choosing the right floor for the basement and other parts of the house where humidity fluctuates. The goal is for the soil to last a long time and not be damaged by moisture. If your basement is well ventilated and properly treated, you can use floors such as laminate and wood paneling.

:brown_circle: How do you test for moisture before installing laminate flooring?

Laying laminate floors in the basement. Plastic Slab Test - This is a fairly simple test to check the moisture content of a concrete slab. Cut the plastic garbage bags into squares and then glue them to the floor in several places in the basement. Then let them soak in for three days.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: Is it difficult to install laminate flooring?

Examine each piece of laminate flooring. When installing laminate, inspect the planks and edges of the laminate to ensure they are properly patterned and have no visible flaws. When installing surrounding parts, it is difficult to replace a single piece of laminate laid.

Drywall installation

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How can I Fix my laminate floor?

Scratches and scuffs that spoil the appearance of Pergo laminate floors can be repaired with a deep cleaning to remove dirt and debris, followed by deeper scratches with laminate or wood putty. After the scratches are filled, tape the laminate over the laminate to prevent further damage.

Is bamboo flooring better than laminate flooring?

Yes, bamboo floors are better than laminate floors because bamboo floors are durable and beautiful, come in a variety of colors and are grown and harvested in an environmentally friendly way.

What are the problems with laminate flooring separating

A laminated backing is a thin layer of foam or felt that is placed under the laminated board. This simplifies installation by smoothing out minor irregularities in the subfloor. The backrest is an integral part of the laminate floor.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do you fix the gap in laminate flooring?

If you've ever laid end-join laminate flooring, the solution is to apply a small amount of wood glue to the dowels and grooves as they appear, before manually opening the floor.

Slate roof tiles

Is laminate flooring the same as hardwood flooring?

Not all wood floors are the same as laminate because they are made of real wood. Parquet floors are less prone to natural expansion and contraction problems than solid wood floors.

:brown_circle: Is vinyl more expensive than laminate?

Vinyl floors are slightly more expensive than vinyl. The price of these two types of soil depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the purchased soil. Vinyl floors are usually more expensive than laminate floors because of the same quality of the floor.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Where is Mannington Flooring located?

Mannington is one of the best hard floor manufacturers in the world. Mannington was founded in 1915 and is based in Salem, New Jersey. Mannington continues to do business with the same values ​​the original owners established: the best people to do business are in the flooring industry.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What are the problems with laminate flooring in a house

1) Clean the damaged area to remove chips or scratches. Wipe the damaged area of ​​the floor with a clean, damp cloth. 2) Buy a laminate floor repair kit that's right for your floor. 3) Cover minor scratches with a floor repair marker. Remove the cap from the marker and carefully paint the strips. 4) Fill coarse chips with putty. Use a spatula to remove some of the filling and spread it over the chips.

:eight_spoked_asterisk: How to repair laminate flooring?

1) Clean the damaged area to remove chips or scratches. Wipe the damaged area of ​​the floor with a clean, damp cloth. 2) Buy a laminate floor repair kit that's right for your floor. 3) Cover minor scratches with a floor repair marker. Remove the cap from the marker and carefully paint the strips. 4) Fill coarse chips with putty. Use a spatula to remove some of the filling and spread it over the chips. 5) Wipe the area with a clean, dry cloth to remove any excess marker or sealant.

Can you fix Warped laminate flooring?

To repair a warped hardwood floor, you must first find and fix the cause of the unevenness. Replace small chains by moistening the wood, protecting it with a cloth and covering it with a concrete block for three days.

Will laminate flooring damage from the Sun?

Direct sunlight can damage your laminate floor. Laminate floors can be a great option when it comes to renovating your home. They are a durable and cheaper option than traditional hardwoods and they look great. However, direct sunlight can eventually damage your laminate.

:brown_circle: What are the problems with laminate flooring vs

The main difference between the two is their response to humidity. Laminate floors are extremely sensitive to moisture and water and LVT is 100% waterproof. Due to different strengths, the product warranty also varies depending on the type of floor.

Water resistant flooring

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Laminate flooring for basement concrete floor

Although you can lay laminate floors directly on concrete, it is not recommended. This is because concrete is porous and absorbs moisture, which will damage laminate panels with steam. Instead, they recommend installing the subfloor as a vapor barrier between the concrete subfloor and the laminate floor.

Can you install laminate flooring in a basement?

A: Yes, laminate floors can be installed in the basement. Follow the selection of the correct document. A steam pad is required for all cement floors. Do not install on a drained floor and make sure the subfloor is level.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: How do you install laminate flooring on concrete?

Cover the concrete floor with 6 mil plastic wrap, which acts as a vapor barrier. Lay foam boards over plastic if recommended by the laminate manufacturer. Place laminate boxes in the room and allow the floor to acclimate to the indoor humidity for 24 days before installing.

How to install laminate flooring on concrete?

  • Let your laminate floor get used to the space. The first step in laying laminate flooring over concrete is to prepare the planks for the space they will be in.
  • Make sure the subfloor is flat and level before beginning installation.
  • Before installing laminate flooring, clean the concrete surface.

How to put down laminate flooring

:eight_spoked_asterisk: What flooring material is right for my basement?

The Best Types of Flooring for Your Basement Vinyl Flooring / Vinyl Flooring. Vinyl planks (VPF) and vinyl tile floors (VTF) are similar to pressure laminate floors, but superior in three dimensions. Carpet. Many people install rugs in basements, believing that they will make the concrete floor more comfortable and warmer. Rubber floors. Ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware. The floor is laminate.

What types of basement floors are waterproof?

1) tile floor. Tiles are probably the closest thing to waterproofing floors. 2) Vinyl planks and tiles (often called luxury vinyl). They are incredibly durable and tend to withstand any type of flooding, especially when glued to the floor with a waterproof covering. 3) rubber floors. 4) vinyl record. 5) linoleum. 6) Composite Vinyl Tile (VKT).

:brown_circle: Vinyl vs laminate flooring for basement

With vinyl over laminate flooring, vinyl definitely gains in versatility, especially when it comes to moisture. This makes it a good option for areas where moisture can build up, such as basements. It can literally sit in humid conditions for several days without any damage.

Which is better laminate or vinyl flooring?

Stone and tile have better thermal conductivity, while cork has very low conductivity and high thermal insulation. Vinyl floors have better conductivity than laminate floors. So if you're using hydroponics or electrical radiation, vinyl is the best option.

What is the difference between vinyl and laminate flooring?

Basically, the main difference between laminate floors and vinyl floors is the material they are made of. The vinyl is 100% plastic and the laminate is 99% wood.

:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Is laminate better than vinyl?

However, vinyl is much better than laminate, especially in terms of moisture resistance, environmental friendliness, appearance and installation method. If you want to improve the overall look of certain areas of your home, you should check out this tutorial.

How do you install laminate flooring on the ceiling?

So you may also be wondering how to lay laminate flooring on your ceiling. Determine which direction the roof joists are and chalk line every 16 in. along the roof, perpendicular to the joists. Secure the 1x3 strip to the ceiling along the chalk line with 2 1/2” wood screws.

How much does it cost to install laminate flooring in a basement?

A waterproof and waterproof laminate suitable for a basement generally costs between $ and $ per square foot. At these prices, your laminate floor should also have properties such as scratch and noise resistance, a pre-installed substrate and suitability for use with underfloor heating.


:diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside: Can you put vinyl flooring on a flat ceiling?

Vinyl floors can look great on ceilings, especially when done right. Some use it as a shell roof element, some use it on coffered ceilings and some use it on regular flat roofs. How is the laminate installed on the ceiling in this regard? Follow these steps to install a laminate ceiling:.

What is the best tile for a basement?

Ideal for basements with high or medium humidity. Ceramic tile or vinyl panels work well in damp basements. If moisture is expected, inorganic materials should be used as a basement. Concrete, vinyl tiles and glazed tiles (ceramic or porcelain tiles) are considered waterproof.

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