Lame duck

Lame duck,

Definition of Lame duck:

  1. It is thought that traders who had injured themselves financially in the market waddled away from the exchange. The terms bull and bear date from the same period. Eventually, "lame duck" found its way to the United States where it first became a descriptor of an underfinanced business scheme. It has also described a politician who is ineffective, has chosen not to seek re-election, is ineligible to run for office again or has lost an election but is still in office until the election winner takes control of the office.

  2. Lame duck is an out-of-use term used with reference to a trader who has defaulted on a debt or gone bankrupt due to an inability to cover trading losses. The phrase can be traced to the early years of commodity trading and development of the London Stock Exchange during the mid-1700s. How the term first became used by stock traders is a matter of speculation. It was first used among traders who operated from coffee houses before the Exchange found a formal home, and is recorded in newspapers and bank records in the 1760s.

  3. A firm in financial difficulties. Or, an officeholder with considerably eroded authority at the end of tenure or term of office because either he or she is ineligible or is not seeking another term. Originally, it denoted a member of a stock exchange who was hammered and expelled from the membership for being unable to meet financial or contractual obligation.

  4. An official (especially the president) in the final period of office, after the election of a successor.

Synonyms of Lame duck

Adventurer, Also-ran, Aspirant, Baby kisser, Bankrupt, Big operator, Candidate, Dark horse, Defeated candidate, Dud, Failure, Favorite son, Gunslinger, Holdover, Hopeful, Incumbent, Ins, Insolvent, Insolvent debtor, Jack-in-office, Margin purchaser, New broom, Office seeker, Office-bearer, Officeholder, Operator, Plunger, Political hopeful, President-elect, Presidential timber, Public official, Public servant, Running mate, Scalper, Smart operator, Speculator, Stag, Stalking-horse

How to use Lame duck in a sentence?

  1. Lame duck was a term used to reference traders who had become bankrupt or were ineffective at trading.
  2. As a lame duck, the president had nothing to lose by approving the deal.
  3. It was first used by traders who operated from coffee houses before the Exchange found a formal home.

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