Definition of Laggards:

  1. In the theory of the spread of innovation, a ■■■■■■■■ of the population (approximately 16%) is the last group to try or introduce a new product. It consists mostly of elderly people and people with low economic status. People who are slow to use their friends and neighbors as a source of information do not like change and only accept new things when needed.

  2. A person who walks slowly and stays behind others.

  3. Slower than expected

Synonyms of Laggards

Idler, Sluggard, Straggler, Lagger, Loafer, Dawdler, Snail, Shirker, Loiterer, Layabout, Lingerer, Delayer, Lounger, Slug

How to use Laggards in a sentence?

  1. There is a lot of pressure on employees and there is no time for delay.
  2. Analog television was being used less and less by less and less people, after all even the infrastructure was for the benefit of newcomers and the only way to improve it was to shut down analog channels.
  3. Bell to call the children back to school.
  4. My father is still one of the last people I know to buy modern technology. Most people will consider it one of the last to arrive.
  5. They are newbies and people from all walks of life, but they are not very interested in the new products we offer.

Meaning of Laggards & Laggards Definition


This marketing term defines a group of consumers who avoid new updates and new products. Newcomers are mainly interested in reliability and low costs and are usually not looking for higher content.