Definition of Laconic:

  1. (of a person, speech, or style of writing) using very few words.

  2. Straight-forward and to the point. Laconic statements involve as few words as possible to form a point.

Synonyms of Laconic

Brief, Concise, Terse, Succinct, Short, Economical, Elliptical, Crisp, Pithy, To the point, Incisive, Short and sweet, Compendious, Spartan, Abbreviated, Abridged, Aposiopestic, Brief, Brusque, Clipped, Close, Close-tongued, Closemouthed, Compact, Compendious, Compressed, Concise, Condensed, Contracted, Crisp, Curt, Cut, Docked, Dumb, Economical of words, Elliptic, Epigrammatic, Gnomic, Indisposed to talk, Mum, Mute, Pithy, Pointed, Pruned, Quiet, Reserved, Sententious, Short, Short and sweet, Shortened, Silent, Snug, Sparing of words, Speechless, Succinct, Summary, Synopsized, Taciturn, Terse, Tight, Tight-lipped, To the point, Tongue-tied, Truncated, Unloquacious, Untalkative, Word-bound, Wordless

How to use Laconic in a sentence?

  1. His laconic reply suggested a lack of interest in the topic.

Meaning of Laconic & Laconic Definition