Lack Of Judgement

Lack Of Judgement

What does a serious lack of judgment mean? 3

Serious answer, please.

Bad judgment occurs when a person acts without considering the effects of the behavior. Indiscriminate people act emotionally, no matter how much damage they can do. Some politicians are well represented in this group.

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Lack of judgment

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This means that whatever man does wrong is so wrong that he has no decision.

Most people, when they are intelligent, are intelligent. They know when it's wrong, when it's wrong, when they shouldn't plan to be here or there.

A person who is unable to make this decision can be considered to have a serious lack of decision.

Understanding the corner / someone.


1: I'm going to jump this mountain.

2: This is a huge space!

1 Jump, fall on it.

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(Worst example I saw in Y! A, I'm embarrassed and sorry ...)

Lack Of Judgement

Lack Of Judgement

See Jersrey Sgore

That means you don't look smart enough. I like it without thinking.

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What does a serious lack of judgment mean?

Serious answer, please.

People who say they don't like what csen has. What do you think about snow?

Lack Of Judgement