Definition of Laches:

  1. Neglect and unreasonable delay in the assertion of ones claims or rights. Courts expect reasonable diligence from a claimant, in addition to conscience and good faith. Under the legal doctrine of laches, they may refuse to enforce or recognize an individuals rights if he or she waits more than a reasonable length of time to assert them. Unlike the statute of limitations this doctrine, however, does not define reasonable time but leaves its determination to the courts. Laches is French for, loose, slack, or sluggish.

  2. Unreasonable delay in making an assertion or claim, such as asserting a right, claiming a privilege, or making an application for redress, which may result in refusal.

How to use Laches in a sentence?

  1. Thus this Court must uphold the Probate Courts decision to find laches inapplicable to this action.

Meaning of Laches & Laches Definition