What is The Meaning of Labour?

A simple definition of Labour is: Work, especially manual / physical, is paid.

Meanings of Labour

  1. Work, especially physical work.

  2. Labor Party

  3. The delivery process begins with uterine contractions.

  4. Too many moles.

  5. Work hard run

  6. Even after working hard, it is difficult to do anything.

  7. (Working woman) to work.

Sentences of Labour

  1. The cost of repairs includes labor, spare parts and VAT

  2. Labor leader

  3. A woman at work

  4. Sesame jobs damaged the land

  5. They work from morning till night

  6. United worked against unshakable opponents

Synonyms of Labour

strive, work like a dog, chore, put oneself out, give it one's all, work hard, birthing, work like a Trojan, struggle, sweat away, give something one's all, push, do all one can, childbirth, task, endeavour, grind away, keep one's nose to the grindstone, slave, exert oneself