Definition of Labor:

  1. (in the UK or Canada) the Labour Party.

  2. Work, especially hard physical work.

  3. The process of childbirth, especially the period from the start of uterine contractions to delivery.

  4. Have difficulty in doing something despite working hard.

  5. (of a woman in childbirth) be in labor.

  6. Work hard; make great effort.

  7. The aggregate of all human physical and mental effort used in creation of goods and services.

    Labor is a primary factor of production. The size of a nations labor force is determined by the size of its adult population, and the extent to which the adults are either working or are prepared to offer their labor for wages.

Synonyms of Labor

Work, Work hard, Toil, Slave, Slave away, Grub away, Plod away, Grind away, Sweat away, Struggle, Strive, Exert oneself, Overwork, Work ones fingers to the bone, Work like a dog, Work like a slave, Work like a Trojan, Keep ones nose to the grindstone, Task, Job, Chore, Undertaking, Mission, Commission, Assignment, Childbirth, Birth, Birthing, Delivery, Nativity, Strive, Struggle, Endeavour, Work, Try hard, Make every effort, Do ones best, Do ones utmost, Do all one can, Give ones all, Give it ones all, Give something ones all, Go all out, Fight, Push, Be at pains, Put oneself out, Apply oneself, Exert oneself, Accouchement, Activities, Activity, Affair, Affairs, Aim, Always trot out, Amplify, Assignment, Bag, Be busy, Be confined, Be determined, Be employed, Bear, Bear a child, Bear young, Belabor, Birth, Birth throes, Birthing, Blessed event, Blunder, Business, Busywork, Calve, Careen, Career, Carry on business, Cast, Char, Chare, Charge, Childbearing, Childbed, Childbirth, Chore, Commerce, Commission, Complete, Concern, Concernment, Confinement, Cultivate, Delivery, Detail, Dirty work, Do business, Do chars, Do the chores, Donkeywork, Dress, Drive, Drop, Drudge, Drudgery, Duty, Dwell on, Dwell upon, Effort, Elaborate, Employ, Employees, Employment, Endeavor, Endure, Enlarge, Enlarge upon, Enter into detail, Enterprise, Errand, Exercise, Exertion, Expand, Fag, Falter, Farrow, Fatigue, Fawn, Fish to fry, Flounce, Flounder, Foal, Follow a trade, Function, Genesis, Give birth, Giving birth, Go into, Grind, Hammer away at, Handiwork, Handwork, Hard work, Harp on, Hatching, Have, Have a baby, Have a job, Have young, Having a baby, Homework, Industry, Insist upon, Interest, Job, Job of work, Keep up, Kitten, Labor under, Laborers, Laboriousness, Lamb, Lick, Lick of work, Lie in, Litter, Lookout, Lurch, Make-work, Manual labor, Matter, Matters in hand, Mission, Moil, Moonlight, Multiparity, Nascency, Nativity, Occupation, Odd job, Overdo, Overemphasize, Overstress, Pains, Parturition, Piece of work, Pitch, Pitch and plunge, Plunge, Practice a profession, Project, Pup, Rat race, Reel, Resolve, Rock, Roll, Scut work, Seek, Seethe, Service, Set up shop, Slave, Slavery, Slogging, Spadework, Spell out, Stagger, Stay employed, Stint, Strain, Strive, Stroke, Stroke of work, Struggle, Study, Stumble, Suffer, Sway, Sweat, Sweat blood, Swing, Swot, Task, Tend, The Nativity, The stork, Thing, Things to do, Thrash about, Thresh over, Throw, Tiresome work, Toil, Toss, Toss and tumble, Toss and turn, Totter, Transact business, Travail, Treadmill, Tug, Tumble, Turn a hand, Undertaking, Wallop, Wallow, Welter, Whelp, Work, Work at, Work for, Work out, Workers, Yean

How to use Labor in a sentence?

  1. They labored from dawn to dusk.
  2. The price of repairs includes labor and parts.
  3. The farms labor force had doubled within the past 2 years which meant an increase in production from harvesting to cattle herding.
  4. His wife is in labor.
  5. I would prefer that we not outsource our labor because I would rather see our local families benefit from the income.
  6. The labor union organized a far-reaching strike which effectively shut down all trucking of fruits and vegetables nation-wide and had a major impact on grocery stores and restaurants.
  7. The Labour leader.

Meaning of Labor & Labor Definition