Labor force

Labor force,

Definition of Labor force:

  1. Number of workers in a firm.

  2. All the members of a particular organization or population who are able to work, viewed collectively.

  3. Number of individuals in an economy who either are employed or are seeking employment.

Synonyms of Labor force

Workers, Employees, Workmen, Workforce, Staff, Working people, Blue-collar workers, Hands, Labourers, Labour force, Hired hands, Proletariat, Wage-earners, Manpower, Human resources, Personnel

How to use Labor force in a sentence?

  1. In light of their dismal fourth quarter, senior executives searched exhaustively for ways to save the company money without resorting to layoffs because the last thing they wanted to do was negatively impact the labor force .
  2. My uncle was part of the labor force that would go into the mines and work and it made me feel agitated because it was dangerous.
  3. A firm with a labor force of one hundred people.
  4. Having a good labor force can go a long way into making sure that your business puts out the highest quality product it can.

Meaning of Labor force & Labor force Definition