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La Papa Engorda

Gets potato fat?

Of course you lose weight. Fingers should:

Like tomatoes, eggplants and peppers, potatoes belong to the nightshade family and share with them the same properties of their high vitamin C content (15 to 20 mg per 100 g).

The amount of starch is very high here and therefore other carbohydrate rich foods like rice or noodles can also be converted into the benefit of providing less calories from here.

Here I am ordering how to make potatoes if you are interested.

It is not recommended that aunts and uncles use their comfort zone first and better and external stressors.

7 Lys can disappear in three days.

Potato tea has been used since ancient times to cleanse the intestines.

Wash the skins of 3 potato lilies and cook until the skins are old. Divide the baked potato into six portions that you can eat whole.

It is best to use it naturally without adding salt, butter or oil. Keep each meal with water and baby food from Taman Ahad until you reach three liters of food a day.

If you are bored of eating potatoes all day, order this option for dinner and treat for at least two weeks. Avoid grains and other carbohydrates with potatoes.

Another type of tea is to drink 2 roasted or steamed potato lilies daily for two weeks and in this season it is lean meat (beef, rabbit, chicken) fried with a little oil or butter.

Remember these and other points you should discuss with your doctor.

I hope my answer will help you.

It depends on how you cook, the fat or the weather ...

Too much of anything is bad, and potatoes are one of them. If too many carbohydrates can help with weight gain, this is not the best thing for Ta. You can add it to your tea each time, it is boiled in water with a pinch of salt. It is better to recommend pumpkin (I do not know what it is called in your country, maybe pumpkin) cooked or cooked without any sauce, delicious.


Certainly not fat

La Papa Engorda

La Papa Engorda

I haven't seen it so you better run water for 20 minutes a day and don't eat too much or too little Akeldo

I know if I don't tell you how good I feel when he eats

PS Yes, I put it on TV, no

Don't eat what they say ...

It's better to do your research ... even if I say anything it makes you fat ...

Eat a healthy diet.

To get rid of the same calories, add more fat, just water doesn't make you fat and keeps it safe ... because if you use too much salt, you save too ... hehe

Well, if it's fried, there are more options to add fat, and not to cook too much :)

No, Dad didn't make you fat. He who is fat eats

La Papa Engorda