La Loma Castle Rock

La Loma Castle Rock

Will La Loma come to Castle Rock?

| Coming Soon (ish): Two more La Loma locations are in preparation, one in Castle Rock (scheduled for the next two years), followed by another in front of the aquarium in the city center.

Where is Castle Rock’s Trader Joe’s?

Castle Rock, CO Official Website.

Are you planning to have a Trader Joes come to Castle Rock?

There are currently no plans for a Joes Trader in Castle Rock.

Second, is it a Costco in Castle Rock?

There are currently no plans for a Costco in Castle Rock. The town has a Sam’s Club on the waterfront.

Is Whole Foods coming to Castle Rock CO in this regard?

Whole Foods will open a store in Castle Rock in early 2020. The supermarket chain has signed a 20-year lease for a space on the Promenade, a 166-acre business park north of the Castle Rock outlets between I25 and the Hwy 85.

La Loma Castle Rock