La Fitness Sauna

La Fitness Sauna

Fitness gold? ۔

I wonder what you wear to the gym in Los Angeles, considering it's a men's locker room.

Go ahead or wear sportswear or a bathing suit.

You will notice that the instructions and usage are different. Some gyms advertise that a swimming suit is a must, which is very painful. There are usually no published guidelines and they vary. It seems that in most places people sit with towels around them, but many people just sit on their towels. It is more comfortable and acceptable than sitting on a towel. This is my priority, even if I have to take the initiative.

Fitness gold

As long as it's not a men's locker room, I'll do it, unless there's a specific policy to say.

After all, the first rule of gold is to bring a towel and, as others have said, keep the towel and sit on it or wrap it around your waist, and most importantly, you win. I wouldn't sit in a bathing suit or sweat socks, I'm always going first choice, I mean, as Audi rightly pointed out, we're all boys, so why should everyone stand up and look at each other? Is? I mean, are you wrong or are you? Changed, so obviously you'll show it there.

I was at a local Los Angeles gym and decided to use dry gold. I cursed, dried myself and went to where the two big men were sitting. They both wore clothes longer than mine. I sat on my pillow with my elbows on my knees. One of them got up, left and went back to the general manager, who told me to get dressed. He said respectfully. There are no published rules that I can find. The boy is, in fact, from the Middle East or from Stein's country. Obviously an immigrant. I asked him what trouble he saw and he said he was a family man and it didn't suit him. There is no reason. I said it's men's gold and if you had a family (kids) I wouldn't come or wrap my towel around me but it's great that the men were there so I still don't see the problem What is it. It was a frustrating conversation, so I left.

It bothers me that the use of gold is not allowed or acceptable here in the United States. In addition to being more common, it is dangerous for your health to go to very hot places in diapers. I've only had one experiment in mixed gold where it didn't go through and neither did you. This is an apartment complex. Do you go to a small area before you enter, there are clothes on the wooden shelf in front of the sauna, so I thought it was okay and I put a towel around my waist and went looking for another resident , Whether they are women sitting in the corner? . In the bedroom, but the door window is so closed that it is not complete. First, she used a towel to cover her nudity. She is sorry I said I could leave it. He just says it's not okay, turn off the light and it's okay. So I took off my towel and sat down with him and that's fine, but this is one of the millions that never happens and is not allowed in the gold.

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Fitness gold?

I wonder what you wear to the gym in Los Angeles, considering it's a men's locker room.

Take a walk in sportswear or bathing suit.

It depends on the institutional policy. Are there requests anywhere?

Generally, if it is a sauna or steam room in a men's area, you can go there, but sit on a towel.

So go ahead, wrap the towel around your waist and keep it away when someone else is using it. If there are other people around you, you can sit on a towel instead of wearing it around your waist. We are all boys We have only one part. There is no reason to be ashamed, humiliated or ashamed to look at other men.

La Fitness Sauna