Definition of Kurtosis:

  1. Measure of the tails of a frequency distibution when compared with a normal distribution. Similar to skewness, kurtosis measures the tailedness of the probability distribution as opposed to the peakedness in the center. A univariate normal distribution has a kurtosis of 3. Distributions having higher kurtosis have fatter tails or more extreme values (a phenomenon called leptokurtosis), and those with lower kurtosis have fatter middles or fewer extreme value (a phenomenon called platykurtosis). From the Greek kyrtosis, convexity.

How to use Kurtosis in a sentence?

  1. You should always try to have the numbers in the kurtosis be as good as they can as they are sort of like the average,.

Meaning of Kurtosis & Kurtosis Definition


Definition of Kurtosis:

  • A simple definition of Kurtosis is: Like the shield, the curvature is a statistical measure used to describe the distribution. Although asymmetry distinguishes extreme values ​​in one tail from another, Cortus measures extreme values ​​in each tail. Large cartridge distributions have data tails that exceed the normal distribution tails (e.g., five or more standard deviations from the average). Low-cortisol distribution has tail data that is usually less extreme than normal split-tail.

Meanings of Kurtosis

  1. Frequency distribution curve peak sophistication.

Sentences of Kurtosis

  1. No balance was found in this distribution, but cartridges were found in two of them.