Krazy Glue On Nails

Krazy Glue On Nails

Can you use Karzai glue on fake nails? ۔

And if you can, will they go away? ?

I don't want to do this. Sorry, but this is going to cut your nails! Ouch ... glue is coming out of the room. It also contains many chemicals. I'm sure they have nails on the dollar tree! My foot helps and I'm fine!

no !!!

Karzai glue is too strong and bad for your nails.

Try going to a store like Daisy and they have a very cheap fake nail glue.

Karzai glue is a kind of super glue. If you can get fake nails in the salon ... use glue. This is not good for your natural nails because if you remove false nails, the layer of your natural nails will also peel off. Make your nails thin and broken. If you don't care, it won't really hurt you.

I will not put crazy glue on your nails. Nail glue is specially formulated for artificial nails. It is harmless to your real nails. Spend an extra 15 bs on nail polish. This is your safest choice.

No, you should not use nail glue, nail glue or maybe eyelash glue.

You really shouldn't do that.

Krazy glue is very strong for nails.

It will cost a lot to bring it back.

Outside, that's why they have special glue.


You can, but if your nails are fair or French, you can see Glow BC drying out, for example. You will go out one day

Krazy Glue On Nails