Kondratiev Wave

Kondratiev Wave,

Kondratiev Wave: What is the Meaning of Kondratiev Wave?

  1. Condurative waves are long-term business cycles of commodity and other prices that are believed to be the result of technological innovation and create long-term prosperity in exchange for economic slowdown. The theory was founded by Nikolai de Kondratiev (also known as Kondrev), an agronomist who observed that agricultural and copper prices follow a long-term cycle. Kondratiev believes that this cycle involves a period of evolution and self-improvement.

Literal Meanings of Kondratiev Wave


Meanings of Kondratiev:
  1. A series of nearly fifty-year cycles or waves of economic contraction and expansion posted by Kondratiev in the 1920s.

Sentences of Kondratiev
  1. Chondratif Fifth


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