Kondratieff Wave

Kondratieff Wave,

What Does Kondratieff Wave Mean?

  • A simple definition of Kondratieff Wave is: In honor of Russian economist Nikolai Kondrev, the Kondrev wave refers to a period of 40 to 60 years that capitalist economies are facing. Also known as chondritic waves, supercycle waves, ripple waves and / or long waves.

    • Conductive waves, also known as supercycle waves, long waves and ripples, refer to cycles between 40 and 60 years of experience in the capitalist economy.
    • The chondritive wave is a long-term business cycle, involving a period of evolution and self-improvement, due to technological innovation that translates into a long period of prosperity.
    • The Kondrativ wave, a theory rejected in Kondriff's homeland, was called heterodox economics in one branch of the industry, meaning it did not conform to the generally accepted orthodox theory of economists.

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