Kola Loka Con Bicarbonato

Kola Loka Con Bicarbonato

Sodium Carbonate and Cola Luca? 3

Friends, what happened? My car glass is broken and I have sores and crazy glue I can clean and I want to prepare them effectively Thanks in advance for your reply and I wish you good night!

My friends suggest you buy Acetone (Uƒ´AS Varnish Remover) I suggest Acetone Compressed is a drug or where do you sell ICO UCTOS because it is comparatively pure.

This chemical reaction is done in such a way that it does not look beautiful, make a hard plastic mask 1 mm wide, the shape of the stain is as accurate as possible, carefully replace it with adhesive tape and sand, I I hate to check that. That is not too much, start with 320 grains and when 1000 grains arrive, finish with pure polish and wax. Do not take the sandpaper with your hand, place it on a smooth and hard sandpaper and then give it so that it does not pass by you, it will hurt when using the mask and warns you not to pass. Peace

In fact, to be able to use a knife more than the right one has to be very careful, of course, and in some ways this is a more common trick than you think, because if you misuse it in the car, you Will lose you With this the luck system will delete it.

Avoid using acetone or other solvents that you don't think will help, as they will only damage your car's paint.

Esp offer you my comments. Hello and good luck.

Alfonso is right, I do it and do it myself or just because I love the razor I use to clean the glass, so it does not damage the paint and does not scratch the base of the glue which I know and good luck

I carefully removed the small one with a knife so that no precaution would be taken

See, try to use hot water, stop washing, you can use a lot of wet water with this hot water before it can help

Kola Loka Con Bicarbonato