Koda Meaning

Koda Meaning

What does coda mean on a donkey? ۔

I'm a Native American hahaha. My name is Dakota and everyone is called Koda.

My Asian friend said that Koda is also the name of a donkey.

And I was wondering if anyone knows what Koda means on a donkey. laugh out loud.

Ká da (or more commonly Kouda) is actually a common Anese nickname. The meaning depends on what is written.

ºœç ºœç ” ° = rice from the state office.

 ”²ç”  ° = first rice husk.

€  -  ” ° = folk rice.

¹¸Ç ”° = Happy rice.

permanent ¦ ™  ” ° = permanent rice.

¡Œç ”° = travel rice.

However, it is named after an Indian tribe who also named it North Dakota and South Dakota. It means friends in the Lakota Sussex, the language they speak.

Koda Meaning