Knuckle-Buster Definition:

Definition of Knuckle-Buster: Nucleobster manual credit card printers are an abusive tool used by merchants to record credit card transactions before the advent of electronic point-of-sale terminals.

Literal Meanings of Knuckle-Buster


Meanings of Knuckle:
  1. Rub or squeeze with your lumps (especially the eye).

  2. The part of the finger in the joint where the bone is closest to the surface, especially where the finger meets the hand.

Sentences of Knuckle
  1. Kora hugged his back and thanked him for standing up.

  2. Charlotte hit the window with her fist


Meanings of Buster:
  1. It is used as a slightly disrespectful or humorous form of greeting, especially for men or boys.

  2. Someone or something that destroys, destroys or overpowers something.

Synonyms of Buster

my friend, man