Knowledge base

Knowledge base,

Definition of Knowledge base:

  1. Organized repository of knowledge (in a computer system or an organization) consisting of concepts, data, objectives, requirements, rules, and specifications. Its form depends on whether it supports an (1) artificial intelligence or expert system based retrieval, or (2) human based retrieval. In the first case, it takes the form of data, design constructs, couplings, and linkages incorporated in a software. In the second case, it takes the form of physical documents and textual information.

How to use Knowledge base in a sentence?

  1. You should always try to have a good knowledge base on any new project or idea that you will be presenting.
  2. Macrosifts online knowledge base has become infamous for its terrible support: many answers to queries are canned responses which show no awareness of the question asked or problem needing resolution.
  3. The computer had a really great knowledge base that the manager would use in order to recover certain information they needed.

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