Knowledge Access

Knowledge Access

One of the five activities of the knowledge management (KM) process framework. Access to knowledge is the search or transfer of knowledge to users.

Literal Meanings of Knowledge Access


Meanings of Knowledge:
  1. Awareness of something from a general understanding or familiarity with an object, place, situation, etc.

  2. Knowledge of a particular fact or situation, a state of consciousness or awareness of something.

  3. Intellectual understanding of the state of perception of truth or information.

  4. Familiarity with or understanding of a specific skill, field, etc.

  5. (philosophical) Truly justified belief.

  6. intimacy or (now usually in a carnal relationship).

  7. Indicates information or knowledge about something.

  8. The sum of all known informational and educational products.

  9. Something that can be described as a branch of the study of an information science.

  10. Opinion, conscience.

  11. Taxi drivers in London, England require in-depth knowledge of specific routes and points of interest.

  12. Recognize it as true.

Sentences of Knowledge
  1. His knowledge of Iceland was limited to what he saw on the travel channel.

  2. Knowledge recognizes the difference between good and bad decisions.

  3. The secretary should have a good knowledge of shorthand.

  4. His library contained the accumulated knowledge of the Greeks and Romans.


Meanings of Access:
  1. A way or means of approaching or entering an entrance or passageway.

  2. The action of approaching or entering an advance.

  3. The right or ability to access or access an object.

  4. The quality of opportunity is easy to approach or enter.

  5. Access to relations.

  6. An increase for additional membership.

  7. The onset, or crisis of the disease is a fever .

  8. An of emotions, an attack, a wave of passion.

  9. The right of a non-custodial parent to visit their child.

  10. The process of searching for data in memory.

  11. A connection or connection to a computer program or to the Internet.

Sentences of Access
  1. Access to the territory.

Knowledge Access