Knocked down (KD)

Knocked down (KD),

Definition of Knocked down (KD):

  1. Articles (such as bicycles, fans, furniture) supplied unassembled, but with all components and assembly instructions, to avail of preferred shipping rates and reduced import duties. To qualify as KD, an article must be taken apart, folded, or telescoped in a manner that its overall bulk or size is reduced by at least one third (33 1/3 percent) of the assembled bulk or size.

  2. (of a price) very low.

  3. Capable of knocking down or overwhelming someone or something.

  4. An act of knocking an opponent down.

  5. An introduction to someone.

How to use Knocked down (KD) in a sentence?

  1. But each knock-down was ruled out as Moore was adjudged to have caught his opponent with low blows.
  2. Repeated knock-down blows.

Meaning of Knocked down (KD) & Knocked down (KD) Definition