Knock off

Knock off,

Definition of Knock off:

  1. Identical (and usually unauthorized but cheaper) copy of a patented, trademarked, or copyrighted product or work.

  2. Competitive material or product that is functionally and qualitatively equivalent to a higher priced material or product.

Synonyms of Knock off

Abscind, Accomplish, Achieve, Ad-lib, Amputate, Annihilate, Assassinate, Attain, Author, Ban, Bar, Bat out, Bob, Botch, Break, Breathe, Bump off, Bungle, Buy it, Call a strike, Call it quits, Cash in, Cease, Check in, Check out, Clip, Close down, Close shop, Coauthor, Collaborate, Compass, Compose, Consummate, Cook up, Cool, Croak, Crop, Cull, Cut, Cut away, Cut off, Cut out, Dash off, Deal with, Desist, Discharge, Discontinue, Discount, Dispatch, Dispose of, Do, Do anyhow, Do by halves, Do carelessly, Do in, Do offhand, Do the job, Do the trick, Dock, Draw back, Drop off, Dust off, Editorialize, Effect, Effectuate, Eliminate, Enact, Enucleate, Eradicate, Except, Excise, Exclude, Execute, Extemporize, Extinguish, Extirpate, Fake, Fake up, Fetch, Finish, Formulate, Free-lance, Fudge up, Fulfill, Ghost, Ghostwrite, Give over, Go on strike, Go west, Halt, Have it, Improvisate, Improvise, Indite, Isolate, Jury-rig, Kick in, Kick off, Kick the bucket, Knock out, Knock over, Knock together, Lash up, Lay off, Leave off, Liquidate, Loot, Lop, Make, Make up, Manage, Mutilate, Nip, Novelize, Pamphleteer, Pare, Pass out, Patch, Patch together, Patch up, Pause, Peel, Peg out, Perform, Pick out, Pipe off, Play by ear, Plunder, Polish off, Pop off, Pound out, Prepare, Produce, Prune, Put away, Quit, Ransack, Realize, Recess, Relieve, Rifle, Rob, Root out, Rough out, Roughcast, Roughhew, Rule out, Scenarize, Scrap the plan, Secure, Set apart, Set aside, Shave, Shear, Shove off, Shut down, Shut up shop, Slap up, Stamp out, Step off, Stick up, Stop for breath, Strike, Strike off, Strip, Strip off, Subtract, Succeed, Surcease, Take, Take a break, Take a recess, Take a rest, Take away, Take care of, Take five, Take off, Take out, Take ten, Take time out, Throw off, Throw on paper, Throw together, Toss off, Toss out, Toss together, Trifle with, Truncate, Turn the trick, Vamp, Walk out, Whip up, Whomp up, Wing it, Wipe out, Work, Work out, Write

Meaning of Knock off & Knock off Definition