Kishore Pallapothu making a difference in Careers with Volunteering & Non-Profit

Kishore Pallapothu is an acclaimed entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist, and tech guru from the Silicon Valley. He has founded many tech companies, with emphasis on hiring and artificial intelligence. As part of his philanthropist and volunteering pursuits, he has founded SkillWiki and often works with local communities. He founded SkillWiki in 2016 as a non-profit organization. It has played an important role in enhancing the careers of tens of thousands of low-skilled professionals from around the country.

So, what is SkillWiki and how is making a difference with volunteering and non-profit careers?

What is SkillWiki?

SkillWiki is a non-profit venture from Pallapothu. It facilitates skills development and improvement, especially among workers who in the low-wage category. Kishore volunteers himself to train and enhance the skills of these people to help them compete in the market for higher-paying, hi-tech job marketplace. The organization provides training to such workers without requiring them to pay for it.

The basic role of this organization is to up-skill low-skilled talent and improve their income and lifestyle. Interestingly, this is not the only organization that Kishore volunteers for.

Kishore Pallapothu – The Tech Guru

Pallapothu has been in the Silicon Valley tech industry for decades. He is a Texas A&M University-Kingsville alumnus in Computer Science. Before becoming an entrepreneur, he has worked with the leading tech giants at different positions. His qualifications and experience in IT is where his inspiration for volunteering efforts comes from.

He has worked with Oracle, HP, and a number of other big tech brands before venturing out on his own. He is also a venture capitalist with stakes in Artificial Intelligence, Real Estate/Construction technology, Mobile Infrastructure, and related industries.

Volunteering for Community Services

Kishore is currently a CEO and founder at multiple tech companies and non-profit organizations. However, this doesn’t prevent him from mingling in with the communities around him. He is an actively volunteering and participating in such communities.

He is an active volunteer for the West Valley Community Services. This community service is engaged in fighting poverty in the following areas:

  • Cupertino
  • Monte Sereno
  • West San Jose
  • Los Gatos
  • Saratoga

Kishore also makes his contribution by working with the community and providing support services and addressing critical food and housing needs.

There are even more organizations and communities where Pallapothu makes his contribution felt. He is also constantly launching crowdfunding projects to support a wide range of causes.

A Unique Tech Entrepreneur

Kishore Pallapothu has founded many companies over the years. He is currently the founder and CEO at ChoozeHire. It is an AI-based hiring platform that automates many aspects of the recruiting process. Before this he founded Sysnet Technology Solutions and Thompson Infosystems. Many of his ventures have been acquired by major tech corporations.

SkillWiki is one of his innovative non-profit ventures. It continues to add value to so many people’s lives by helping them find better positions. There are very few entrepreneurs in the industry that are making such unique contributions to the community around them.