Kiosks Meanings:

You can define Kiosks as, Small closed product sales points are usually located in the common area of ​​a shopping mall or public hall.

Meanings of Kiosks

  1. A small open hut or hut with newspapers, snacks, tickets, etc. For sale.

  2. A public phone booth.

  3. Open pavilions or summer houses (in Turkey and Iran).

Sentences of Kiosks

  1. His newspaper, La Vartish, was sold to the public in large numbers and had a large readership.

  2. The spells include a pair of rides, a pair of rugby shoes that appear when your son plays his first game, a small church, a phone booth and a gypsy trailer.

  3. The Aynakquv Pavilion and several other tents were built between the 18th and 19th centuries, and the complex is known as Shipyard Palace.

Synonyms of Kiosks

gazebo, stall, bower, rotunda , newsstand , bandstand , refreshments kiosk, arbour, pergola, stall , pavilion, belvedere, booth , counter, stand , news stand, stand, bookstall, telephone kiosk, booth