KINNE RULE Meanings:

  1. A guide that experts use to distribute losses on non-competitive policies.

Literal Meanings of KINNE RULE


Meanings of RULE:
  1. A set of clear or comprehensible rules or principles that govern behavior in a particular activity or scope.

  2. A principle that works and describes in a particular field of knowledge or determines whether it is possible or permissible.

  3. A code of conduct and discipline for a command or community.

  4. Control or domination over an area or people.

  5. Normal or normal condition.

  6. A piece of wood or other hard material used to measure length or to mark straight lines on a ruler.

  7. Thin, printed lines or dashes are commonly used to separate titles, columns or sections of text.

  8. An order issued by a judge or court that deals only with a specific case.

  9. Exercising maximum power or authority (an area and its inhabitants)

  10. (Emotions) have a strong and limited influence.

  11. Be a dominant or strong element.

  12. To be great or to be the best.

  13. Has a special influence on (a planet) (money, house, etc.)

  14. Talk to the authorities and the law.

  15. Draw parallel lines (paper)

  16. Usually, but not always.

Sentences of RULE
  1. We can show skepticism clear rules that govern a skill or sport, but not art.

  2. He admitted that he did not understand the documents that explain the rules and procedures for civilian taxi drivers.

  3. These leaders ignore business rules and deceive investors.

  4. Help them understand that your rules are a bit strict.

  5. Strict rules apply to this type of event.

  6. In all markets, buyers and sellers need rules that control their behavior and prevent them from abusing each other's positions.

  7. There should be rules for legal action.

  8. A spokesman for the facility said defendants could not be suspended from their duties under the prisoner's rules and regulations.

  9. The proposal is the latest in a series of regulations governing the supply and use of fireworks.

  10. Here, real estate agents are subject to very strict rules and regulations.

  11. Procedures, rules and regulations for buying property vary around the world.

Synonyms of RULE

lay down, manage, guideline, hegemony, influence, sway, ordain, canon, bar, administer, convention, direction, jurisdiction, score, regime, commandment, decree, be supreme, ordinance, be in control, mastery, protocol, govern, pronouncement, directive, law, adjudge