Kinguio Cometa

Kinguio Cometa

How big is the comet Chiga or Kangyu?

O Cangue  reaches 30 cm or reaches the comet in a suitable aquarium a cm 30 cm… A large aquarium !!

Congio (Carios Oriates)

* Origin: a.

* Maximum pressure: 30 cm.

* Collection: Ovary

* PH value: neutral (7.0).

* Temperature: 10 to 26 ° C

* Here: Good Medium.

* Feeding: Alcon Goldfish Growth, Alcon Goldfish Color, Alcon Goldfish Color either, to Alcon.

* Behavior: Peaceful

Honey, I have a 9 inch house and you are 3 years old and you think Christmas is 6 years old. If there is a problem, take good care of 25 cm.

Kinguio Cometa

Kinguio Cometa

Ideal for a species of kangaroo kite around 1

I can walk 30 cm

He has ten glasses of 18 to 20 cents !!!

Even the size of an aquarium

Kinguio Cometa