Definition of Kill:

  1. Cancellation requests occur after the merchant has ordered, but are first served by a partner. Investors may wish to exclude trades based on market movements that alter the potential profit of the trade, either by accidental ordering or simply because they have Changed my mind

  2. Eliminate investment transactions before they are recorded in the system.

  3. There is a request to cancel the exchange between the murder request and the action.

Synonyms of Kill

Chloroform, Starve, Hold down, Zap, Dispose of, Quell, Fill, Shut down, Waste, Decimate, Deprive of life, Erase, Ruin, Race, Take off, Ravage, Slay, Finish off, Pass, Delete, Devastate, Put to sleep, Stifle, Game, Kibosh, Regale, Close, Annihilate, Asphyxiate, End off, Perfect, Logroll, Deathblow, Silence, Cut off, Bourn, Put paid to, Solace, Censor, Consume, Millstream, Exhilarate, Creek, Take the floor, Butcher, Bump off, Immolation, Nullify, Get over with, Drown, Neutralize, Put to death, Dealing death, Lobby through, Beasts of venery, Raise a laugh, Massacre, Snuff out, Adolescent stream, Wow, Slaying, Bottle up, Big game, Damp down, Down, Flow of blood, Strike off, Wipe out, Fag out, Slaughter, Strike out, Arroyo, Call off, Expunge, Get through with, Dull, Have the floor, Branch, Meandering stream, Channel, Eliminate, Squelch, Beck, Hurt, Sacrifice, Jump on, Crick, Strangle, Convulse, Strike, Yield the floor, Shush, Coup de grace, Cut, Lazy stream, Gore, Cork up, Execution, Destruction of life, Denouement, Enact, Expurgate, Racing stream, Do in, Lay low, End, Omit, Filibuster, Extinguish, Rub out, Stanch, Poison, Knock out, Nip, Blood, Stoning, Recreate, Gag, Venery, Moving road, Hugger-mugger, Blot out, Bloodshed, Ice, Martyrdom, Blue-pencil, Amuse, Hush up, Ritual murder, Squash, Legislate, Give the quietus, Get it over, Liquidate, Kayo, Entertain, Midchannel, Tire out, Brooklet, Subdue, Ordain, Cut short, Quash, Make away with, Complete, Pain, Hit, Runnel, Bowdlerize, Fatigue, Cross out, River, Keep down, Martyr, Immolate, Martyrize, Occupy, Hush-hush, Constitute, Poisoning, Rule against, Freshet, Enact laws, Flowing stream, Choke off, Delight, Execute, Sit on, Destruction, Exhaust, Rivulet, Spend, Knife, Martyrization, Divert, Obliterate, Choke, Titillate, Watercourse, Keep under, Get the floor, Idle, Bereave of life, Assassinate, Rescind, Relax, Deaden, Crack down on, Subterranean river, Fold up, Bloodletting, Murder, Put down, Midstream, Repress, Suffocate, Loosen up, Absorb, Polish off, Run, Torment, Tickle, Gill, Abbreviate, Bane, Braided stream, Get rid of, Stream, Eradicate, Runlet, Muffle, Lapidation, Navigable river, Suppress, Smother, Do to death, Taking of life, Veto, Carry away, Pour water on, Turn off, Table, Cork, Raise a smile, Finish, Put away, Braining, Remove from life, Shut off, Shut, Use up, Launch into eternity, Roll logs, Prey, Enliven, Fresh, Fracture one, Knock dead, Lynch, Railroad through, Throttle, Finalize, Torture, Stream action, Black out, While away, Purge, Mercy killing, Shut down on, Switch off, Carry off, Beguile, Quarry, Destroy, Euthanasia, Smash, Do away with, Fluviation, Death, Spill stream, Stultify, Decree, Abridge, Extermination, Burn, The hunted, Muzzle, Sit down on, Void, To, Take life, Waterway, Put in force, Quench, Damp, Knock off, Wadi, Clamp down on, Cut down, Victim, Drop the curtain, Conclusion, Hush, KO, Weary, Cancel, Edit, Edit out, Ritual killing, Shoot down, Shooting, Crush, Pigeonhole, Termination, Exterminate, Pocket, Streamlet, Still, Do for, Shoot, Sike, Rundle, Defeat, Negative, Dispatch, Brook, Refresh, Scrag, Killing, Put through

Meaning of Kill & Kill Definition

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What is Kill?

  • Discrimination is requested to cancel the trade between your appointment and graduation.

Meanings of Kill

  1. Causes death (a person, animal or other living thing)

  2. Cause or cause failure or defeat (some)

  3. Immerse yourself (someone) in emotions.

  4. Usually spend a certain amount of time (or a certain amount of time) waiting for a special event.

  5. Killing another animal, especially one.

  6. (Place names, especially New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) A small river, tributary or blue.

Sentences of Kill

  1. Your father died in a car accident

  2. The committee chose to close the project

  3. When he arrived at the train station, he found that he had one hour left to kill

  4. Dead lion

  5. Kill Van tomorrow

Synonyms of Kill

polish off , zap , crucify , suffocate , end the life of, put away , astonish, cause the death of, sacrifice , leave speechless, dumbfound, stir, do away with , wipe out , expend, dispatch , execute , off , shake, do in , murder , stun


What Does Kill Mean?

  • Kill refers to A Request to cancel the offset between its appointment and ■■■■■■■■■.

Meanings of Kill

  1. Cause or cause failure or defeat (something).

  2. Overload (someone) with emotions.

  3. (A fixed time or amount), usually when waiting for a special event.

  4. The act of killing, especially one animal for another.

  5. (In place names, especially New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania) A small river, tributary or tributary.

Sentences of Kill

  1. Dublin's two quick shots shattered Sligo's famous hopes of victory.

  2. Stress is killing me

  3. When he arrived at the train station, he found that he actually had an hour to kill.

  4. Kill Van Cole.

Synonyms of Kill

cut to pieces, act of killing, ■■■■ away, take/end the life of, mow down, scupper, vote down, fill up, prevent, block, give the thumbs down to, wreck, put an end to, overrule, death ■■■■, take someone's breath away, overwhelm, take out, stop, dish, ending, dash, disallow, thwart, top, put the kibosh on