Kilala Inuyasha

Kilala Inuyasha

In Anusha, are Sangos cats called Karara or Qalla?

It works technically because there is no low tone in Anisin, although it is written in English with an l or r. On the other hand, the head in nineteen is a mixture between the two.

It seems to me that SW speakers never define and limit themselves to the proper English translation.

انوئشا کرارا

کرارا انیوشا

It should be spelled correctly, but since it looks somewhat similar to RNL, it is sometimes spelled less in English.

If I'm OK, it's only in the spoken language. For all these reasons, the English dubbed induction team changed it to Qalla ...

Written by Carrara because Anisian does not have L, but banana.

Anis's real name is Karara because no one has a voice

Kilala Inuyasha