Kicking The Tires

Kicking The Tires,

What is The Definition of Kicking The Tires?

  • Kicking The Tires definition is: Rowing is ridiculed for doing minimal research on an investment, rather than a thorough and rigorous analysis. This process usually involves a brief overview of the company's annual report, its historical earnings and earnings, a review of the company's strengths and weaknesses in the competition, and news articles or headlines about the company. Includes reading.

    • To lose these tires, you need to do minimal research before making any investment decision.
    • Taken from the context of buying a car, this is contrary to any serious and thorough investigation or conviction.
    • However, using superficial analysis to reduce the time and effort put into the investigation may be a good strategy, but it can also mislead investors into incomplete or inaccurate conclusions.

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