Kicker: What is the Meaning of Kicker?

  • A kicker is a right, bond or other enforceable asset that is included in debt securities to make them more attractive to potential investors, giving borrowers the potential to purchase loans. 'Channel

  • Definition of Kicker: Investment securities are often added to new securities to make the market more attractive. Common examples are rights, guarantors and exchanges. It is also called a dessert.

Meanings of Kicker

  1. The kick of a person or animal.

  2. Discovery or change of unexpected and often unpleasant events.

  3. Small outboard motor.

  4. (In poker) The third high card in hand with a pair in the draw.

Sentences of Kicker

  1. Horses are running or kicking

  2. If the kicker cards are paired, the effect is cumulative.