Definition of Kickback:

  1. A portion of the proceeds was requested as an official bribe for the convenience of the employee or by order of which the tax is collected.

  2. Sudden decrease in violence.

  3. Bribes can take many forms, but they also include some forms of collusion between the two parties. For example, an accountant in a commercial or government office may approve an invoice for a business when he or she knows it is inflated. The seller can then pay the accountant a portion of the difference or some other type of premium. The most difficult crimes to detect and investigate are recovery programs.

  4. Payment is made to someone who facilitates a transaction or commitment, especially those that are illegal.

  5. A bribe is an illegal payment made to compensate for favorable treatment or other inappropriate services. Bribes can be cash, gifts, loans or anything of value. Bribery or bribery is a corrupt practice that affects an employee's or executive's ability to make impartial decisions. We talk a lot about bribery.

Synonyms of Kickback

Compensation, Penalty clause, Depreciation, Tret, Penalty, Rebatement, Discount, Ricochet, Drawback, Bounce, Recalcitration, Rebound, Return, Backfire, Rebound, Bound, Rollback, Kick, Write-off, Backlashing, Tare, Restitution, Kick, Bribe, Agio, Refund, Refundment, Rebuff, Recoil, Reward, Payment, Concession, Recoupment, Contrecoup, Premium, Allowance, Salvage, Charge-off, Reduction, Underselling, Bank discount, Cash discount, Reward, Carom, Share, Spring, Reimbursement, Bribe, Rebate, Recoil, Inducement, Resilience, Boomerang, Trade discount, Time discount, Repulse, Chain discount, Breakage, Abatement, Payola, Cut, Setoff, Percentage, Repayment, Repercussion, Commission, Deduction, Price reduction, Price-cut, Backlash, Recompense

How to use Kickback in a sentence?

  1. The jump of the gun hit his shoulder.

Meaning of Kickback & Kickback Definition