Kg To Gallons

Kg To Gallons

Is 1 kg flight too many gallons? ۔

1 kg flight and how many US gallons?

Is 1 US gallon equal to several liters?

1 US gallon = 3.78541178 liters

See the first link below.

0.81 kg / L or 6.76 lbs / US gallon or API density 44.3.

either or

Jet density

JET el / ksene 6.76 lbs / US gallon at 0.81 g / ml standard temperature (15 ° C).

It's a shame you haven't heard of Google.

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And if you only want one answer ... 1 gallon jet = 3.06628 kg or 1 kg = 0.3261 gallon.

Max Cruise gave us the right conversion element.

Interesting for you

JetA and JetA1 have 812 grams per liter at 15. C.

JetB 780 grams per liter (USAF el) at 15 C.

Gasoline (gasoline for English speaking friends) is 690 grams at 15ºC.

One US gallon of gasoline is equivalent to 6 pounds. You can work from there.

Use the conversion table.

Kg To Gallons

Kg To Gallons

They know that there are websites that have standard / metric calculators / converters.

Kg To Gallons