Keyword, Search Term Or Query

Keyword, Search Term Or Query

What users enter into search engines to find something. These can be, for example, broad individual terms. B. clothing or certain expressions, for example. B. What color dress should I wear to a baby shower? Instead, niche terms are called long-tail keywords.

Literal Meanings of Keyword, Search Term Or Query


Meanings of Keyword:
  1. Any word used as a key for a code.

  2. Any word used in a reference book to refer to other words or other information.

  3. A reserved word used to identify a specific command, function, etc.

  4. Any word that occurs more often than usual in the text.

  5. To tag with keywords, for example to facilitate research.


Meanings of Term:
  1. Duration term Fixed term after fixed term.

Sentences of Term
  1. The saloon is large and spacious, well designed to accommodate passengers. Goods, products, etc. moved to lower conditions. https//


Meanings of Query:
  1. One question, one poll (US), one poll (UK).

  2. Question mark.

  3. The instructions have been sent to the database.

  4. Ask a question.

  5. Ask, ask.

  6. Question or question.

  7. Pass a series of statements to the database to extract information from it.

  8. How to send a private message (to an IRC user).

  9. Send a petition.

Sentences of Query
  1. The teacher answered the student's question about biosynthesis.

  2. The database administrator has enabled query logging for debugging purposes.

Keyword, Search Term Or Query