Definition of Keyboard:

  1. Enter (data) by means of a keyboard.

  2. A panel of keys that operate a computer or typewriter.

  3. External input device used to type data into some sort of computer system whether it be a mobile device, a personal computer, or another electronic machine. A keyboard usually includes alphabetic, numerical, and common symbols used in everyday transcription. Keyboards for personal computers are connected to the machine through serial or USB plugs. See also QWERTY keyboard, Dvorak keyboard.

  4. A set of keys on a piano or similar musical instrument.

Synonyms of Keyboard

Workstation, VDU, Visual display unit, PC, Input device, Output device, Autotype, Choir, Claviature, Console, Echo, Eighty-eight, Electrotype, Fingerboard, Great, Ivories, Keys, Linotype, Manual, Monotype, Organ manual, Palaeotype, Pedals, Piano keys, Solo, Stereotype, Swell, Office, Desk, Back-room

How to use Keyboard in a sentence?

  1. While eating his late afternoon lunch, Billy spilled hot soup all over his brand new keyboard causing it to malfunction.
  2. Greg could type really fast on the keyboard , so we decided to make him our editor, while Gary would be our spokesperson.
  3. With the invention of the transportable keyboard, pianists may own their keyboards, which can be installed in any piano of a given make and model.
  4. People who type with impressive speed have memorized where each key is located and can type without even glancing at the keyboard.
  5. Entries would be keyboarded.
  6. Input devices may consist of computer mice, keyboards, pixels of one or more video cameras, wearable computer devices, or other sensors with which users can interact.

Meaning of Keyboard & Keyboard Definition

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