How To Define KEY-PUNCH?

  1. Keyboard machines are like typewriters that complete rectangular cards that allow operators to record (view) data from source documents, allowing them to create standard code templates for processing or storing computer data. Can read in computer Currently, the main meaning of Klippach is to write data directly on computer memory, the card (captcha) is rarely or never used.

Literal Meanings of KEY-PUNCH


Meanings of KEY:
  1. Enter or use (data) using your computer keyboard or phone keyboard.

  2. Save (something) in place with pins, washers or screws.

  3. Encourage plaster or other materials to adhere to a rough surface.

  4. A word (ad in a particular magazine) that usually changes the shape of a particular address to indicate a publication that generates a specific response.

  5. Damaged the car by removing the paint with a wrench.

  6. Be the deciding factor for success.

  7. A small piece of metal shaped like a notch cut to fit a special guard that is inserted into a lock and rotated to open or close it.

  8. One of the many buttons in the control panel to operate a computer, typewriter, or telephone.

  9. Something that offers a way to access or understand something.

Sentences of KEY
  1. Not everyone can enter data quickly and accurately

  2. Asphalt can be pushed into the slot using a fiber wedge

  3. A wooden mark with scattered nails is used to nail the surface of the wall between the layers.

  4. We touch ads and measure their return

  5. There are two keys to the closet

  6. Press the ENTER button

  7. The key to Jack's behavior may be his unhappy past.

  8. O ordinary head

  9. Build another bridge over the lock

  10. Become a key figure in the defeated movement

  11. You will now understand that the Bahamas is a chain of more than 700 islands and valleys.

Synonyms of KEY

tonality, modulation, salient, fundamental, important, basic, solution, essential, decisive, timbre, crucial, dominant, indispensable, cue, vital, main, explanation, pointer, major, principal, critical, answer, tone, pitch, chief, leading, tone colour, significant


Meanings of PUNCH:
  1. Strike with your fist.

  2. Press (button or buttons on the machine).

  3. Pushing with a driving stick.

  4. ■■■■

  5. Drill holes with or like punch holes (metal, paper, leather etc.)

  6. A tool or machine for drilling holes in materials such as paper, leather, metal and plaster.

  7. A tool or machine used to print auxiliary patterns or patterns on a material.

  8. Juices, sodas, spices, and sometimes alcoholic beverages are usually served in large bowls in small cups.

  9. A male clown with a crooked nose and turned back, the male character of Show Punch and Judy. The cartoon is an English version of the ■■■■■ character, which is ultimately derived from the Italian comedy Delart.

Sentences of PUNCH
  1. He hit her in the face and ran away

  2. He turned the engine to his side and pressed a few buttons on the control panel to move the engine to the left of the roof.

  3. Defeat under a clear ■■■■

  4. He gave her his ticket, which he chose, and returned smiling

  5. Use leftover wrapping paper and a perforated punch to make confetti (great work for kids)!

  6. He began to focus on the design and manufacture of punching, stamping and stamping tools for automotive sheet manufacturing.

  7. We sat down to drink our rum punch

Synonyms of PUNCH

box, perforate, smash, ■■■■, jab, needle, pierce, straight, knock, punch holes in, skewer, welt, riddle, uppercut, hit, spit, cuff, ■■■■■, thwack, puncture


KEY-PUNCH means,

  • A simple definition of KEY-PUNCH is: Keyboard sizes such as typewriters that insert common files into the card, allow the operator to save data from non-source (viewing), develop standard code templates so that the data can be read into the computer for processing or storage. Coins Nowadays, the basic meaning of captcha is to write data directly into the computer's memory, pressed keys are rarely used, if ever used.

Literal Meanings of KEY-PUNCH


Meanings of KEY:
  1. One of the many buttons on the control panel to operate a computer, typewriter, or telephone.

  2. A group of notes that is based on a particular note and consists of a scale that is considered the basis of the pitch of a piece of music.

  3. Ash, maple or psychedelic maple winged dried fruit, which usually grows in secret clusters.

  4. A hole-shaped area on the floor near each basket.

  5. To improve the adhesion of rough (surface) plaster or other materials.

  6. A word (advertisement in a magazine) that usually identifies a post by changing the format of a particular address that generated a particular response.

  7. Be a decisive factor for success.

Sentences of KEY
  1. Become a key figure in the voter movement.

  2. A wooden float with hammer nails is used to secure the wall surface between the layers.

Synonyms of KEY

interpretation, clue, translation, exposition, way, basis of, code, means, index, prime, condition, annotation, precondition, requisite for, secret, route, gloss, explication, guide, foundation for, central, formula


Meanings of PUNCH:
  1. Hit with a fist.

  2. (Cows) push and run with sticks.

  3. A tool or machine for drilling into materials such as paper, leather or metal.

  4. Dies on a tool or machine material for printing design or stamping.

  5. Make holes (paper, leather, metal, etc.) with or without holes.

  6. Beverages made from alcohol or alcoholic beverages with water, fruit juices, spices, etc., and are usually served hot.

  7. Strange and accustomed idiot, punch and Judy puppet show main character. Punch is an English form of common character that is ultimately derived from the Italian Commedia dellarte.

  8. A strong design horse with short legs.

Sentences of PUNCH
  1. Slap him in the face and run

  2. I press the button to call the elevator.

  3. Staggering under a clear ■■■■

  4. He gave her his ticket, which he picked up and returned smiling.

Synonyms of PUNCH

bust, plug, poke, slam, clout, buffet, swinge, king-hit, floor, lam, body ■■■■, pummel, drub, thump, stoush, smite, rain blows on, strike, pink, clobber, bop, thrash, box someone's ears, fist, biff, let someone have it