Key Features

Key Features,

Definition of Key Features:

  1. Meaning of Key Features: Documents that must be submitted by insurance companies and investment companies in accordance with the law, outlining the key features of the plan.

Literal Meanings of Key Features


Meanings of Key:
  1. A small marked piece of metal that is locked and cut for specific protection. It is inserted into the lock and rotated to open or close it.

  2. Different buttons on each of the control panels to operate a computer, typewriter or telephone.

  3. Something that offers a way to access or understand something.

  4. A group of notes based on a specific note that includes a scale that is considered the basis of the tone of the musical piece.

  5. The dried wing fruit, made of ash, maple or psychmor, usually grows in clusters on Samara.

  6. The part of the first plaster layer that is spread between the slates and thus fixes the rest.

  7. The hole-shaped area is marked in the field near each circle, which includes the free-throw circle and the total boundary.

  8. The most important or very important.

  9. Register or use (data) via computer or phone keypad.

Sentences of Key
  1. There are two keys to the closet

  2. Press the ENTER button

  3. The key to Jack's behavior may lie in his flawed past

  4. O ordinary melody

  5. Build another bridge over the lock

  6. Became an important figure in the defeated movement

  7. Not everyone can enter data quickly and accurately

  8. The coil can be closed in a groove using a fiber strip

  9. Nailed wood is used to nail between the surface layers of the walls.

  10. Restores key pointers and key indexes

  11. Now you can imagine that the Bahamas is a chain of islands with more than 700 islands and gulfs.

Synonyms of Key

tonality, principal, pitch, tone, pointer, significant, fundamental, essential, dominant, explanation, indispensable, chief, important, tone colour, main, modulation, prime, central, solution, lead, crucial, critical, clue, timbre, salient


Meanings of Features:
  1. A feature or aspect of something.

  2. A newspaper or magazine article or event that covers a particular topic, usually in detail.

  3. It has an important attribute or aspect.

Sentences of Features
  1. A house complete with interesting decorative elements

  2. Special features in children's reference books

  3. The hotel has a large room, a gold and coin-operated solarium.

Synonyms of Features

report, call attention to, piece, present, attribute, analysis, make a feature of, story, spotlight, highlight, column, promote, accent, commentary, write-up, quality, trait, hallmark, review, criticism, focus attention on, property, item, exposé, trademark, article, mark