Kewra Water Means

Kewra Water Means

What is the essence of the English term Kewra? 3


It is an extract extracted from panda flowers, which is used to flavor meats, beverages and desserts. It is limited to Indian cuisine because of its Indian origin and use (Aroma Rayani) ... can be selected from the Indian market with the same name as Kewra Pani, which is available in India.

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Kewra in English

Not the one I met, but I guess that's what you call it if you're a guide.

Keora Pani = Pine Essence = Panda Essence Note: This is a distilled extract of panda flower and is used in India and Southeast Asia for meat, beverages and sweet flavors. Some of Kewra's water lumps are artificially flavored, so check the label. Alternative: Keora Essence (more concentrated, therefore use less) or rose liqueur

Kewra Water Means