Definition of Kerning:

  1. Adjustment of space between certain characters in a line of text, using their natural shape and slope to improve their appearance. Without kerning, several letter combinations (such as WA and VA) can look awkward and may impede smooth flow of eye movement along the text. Kerning becomes more important in italic types, and as the size of the font increases (such as in headlines). Modern desktop publishing programs (such Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Indesign, and QuarkXpress) allow both automatic and manual kerning. Simultaneous adjustment of space between many letters in a piece of text is called range kerning. See also letter spacing and tracking.

  2. The spacing between letters or characters in a piece of text to be printed.

How to use Kerning in a sentence?

  1. Valerie worked hard to adjust the kerning for the flier, so that the text was not hard to read in a hurry.
  2. I recommended that the graphic designer adjust the kerning of the letters to make the font more legible for the elderly customers.
  3. The young store associate had to take special care of kerning when attaching letters to the billboard outside, as sometimes the block letters would shift and overlap, making the message unclear.

Meaning of Kerning & Kerning Definition