Definition of Kernel:

  1. A softer, usually edible part of a nut, seed, or fruit stone contained within its hard shell.

  2. Nucleus of a computer operating system that handles allocation of hardware resources and other core operations. See also shell.

Synonyms of Kernel

Seed, Grain, Heart, Core, Stone, Brazil nut, Acorn, Almond, Almond paste, Amande, Amande douce, Amandes mondees, Axiom, Axis, Bench mark, Berry, Bird seed, Bitter almond, Blanched almonds, Burnt almond, Cardinal point, Center, Center of action, Center of gravity, Centroid, Centrum, Chief thing, ■■■■■■, Core, Cornerstone, Crisis, Critical point, Crux, ■■■■ center, Diameter, Diaphragm, Distillate, Distillation, Elixir, Epicenter, Equator, Essence, Essential, Essential matter, Fabric, Flaxseed, Flower, Focus, Fruit, Fundamental, Gist, Goober, Goober pea, Grain, Gravamen, Great point, Ground-pea, Groundnut, Hayseed, Heart, High point, Hub, Hypostasis, Important thing, Inner essence, Interior, Issue, Keystone, Landmark, Linseed, Main point, Main thing, Marrow, Material, Material point, Matter, Mean, Meat, Median, Medium, Medulla, Metacenter, Middle, Midmost, Midriff, Midst, Milestone, Nave, Navel, ■■■■■■ toe, Noisette, Noix, Nub, Nubbin, Nucleus, Nut, Nuts and bolts, Omphalos, Peanut, Peanut butter, Pip, Pit, Pith, Pivot, Postulate, Principle, Quid, Quiddity, Quintessence, Real issue, Salient point, Salted peanuts, Sap, Seed, Sine qua non, Soul, Spirit, Stone, Storm center, Stuff, Substance, Substantive point, Sum and substance, Sweet almond, The bottom line, The nitty-gritty, The point, Thick, Thick of things, Turning point, Umbilicus, Upshot, Waist, Waistline, Zone

How to use Kernel in a sentence?

  1. What are commonly thought of as spices today are a collection of seeds, berries, flowers, fruits, kernels, roots, rhizomes, leaves, arils, barks and saps that are used in cooking and food preparation.

Meaning of Kernel & Kernel Definition

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The heart of the operating system, the kernel, is the part of the operating system that interfaces with the hardware. In Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) software designed for use in Unix environments, kernel function blocks are often included as a library of functions.