Kelvin (K)

Kelvin (K),

Definition of Kelvin (K):

  1. The SI base unit of thermodynamic temperature (equivalent in size to the degree Celsius), first introduced as the unit used in the Kelvin scale.

  2. New name for degree Kelvin (°K), temperature scale that begins at absolute zero (-273.15°C) and increases by one kelvin which is equal to one degree Celsius (1°C). On this scale, water freezes at 273.15 kelvin and boils at 373.15 kelvin. Named after Irish physicist William Thomson (1824-1907) who was honored as 1st Baron Kelvin (Lord William Kelvin).

How to use Kelvin (K) in a sentence?

  1. Liquid helium will cool the gyroscopes to 1.8 kelvins.

Meaning of Kelvin (K) & Kelvin (K) Definition