Kelly Connect W2

Kelly Connect W2

Do you know the Kelly Services Taxpayer ID number? I need to file my taxes! Thank you very much?

No no no.

Wait to receive your W2 before attempting to submit. Each Kelly location may have a different EIN.

Also, the IRS does not accept refunds sent electronically before 1/16.

The IRS can actually charge a 500 500 fine for identifying people who try to file receipts.

If you worked for Kelly, the law requires you to send W2. You will have to wait until it arrives. If you file electronically, the IRS will not accept returns until January 16.

Kelly W2 Lianan Service

This will be on your W2. And yes, it is possible that there are different numbers of different pens. Legally, you still have to wait for your W2

For IRS purposes you already have a tax identification number, this is your SSN. Check with your state about sales tax.

It will appear on the W2 or 1099 form they sent you.

If you have not received this form from them, you still cannot file your tax return.

Kelly Connect W2