Keepwell Agreement

Keepwell Agreement,

What is Keepwell Agreement?

  1. Meaning of Keepwell Agreement: The Cape Well Agreement is an agreement between a parent company and a subsidiary to maintain solvency and financial support for the period specified in the agreement. The Cape Wells Agreement is also known as a letter of relief.

    • The Cape Wells Agreement is an agreement between a parent company and its subsidiaries to maintain solvency and financial support for a specified period.
    • The agreement assures lenders, shareholders, security holders and suppliers that the subsidiary will not default and will continue to operate.
    • The subsidiary enters into a "restoration agreement" to improve the quality of the company's debt and debt.

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Meanings of Agreement:
  1. An opinion or feeling about a harmonization or agreement or a feeling or agreement about a position

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Sentences of Agreement
  1. Both officers nodded

  2. It is widely recognized that investment is necessary

  3. I agree that the divorce rate is very high and can be prevented on a large scale.

  4. Everyone agrees that this is the primary bad thing.

  5. During the meeting, it was agreed that steps should be taken to end the monopoly.

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  9. The only good thing is that all the experts seem to agree that the domestic debt is decreasing.

  10. The hospital's management and board agree that the money is temporary, but no illness.

  11. Everyone involved agreed that the matter should remain incomplete.

  12. But everyone agrees that it's not just for fun.

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