Keep And Pay

Keep And Pay,

Definition of Keep And Pay:

Keep And Pay refers to Hold & Pay refers to a type of Diwali discount. This allows an individual to keep assets, such as a house or car, at the time of payment.

Literal Meanings of Keep And Pay


Meanings of Keep:
  1. Own or keep

  2. Brand status, direction, direction, etc.

  3. (Someone's) care

  4. Respect or compliance (responsibility or obligation)

  5. Make regular entries by writing in (magazine).

  6. Food, clothing and other necessities.

  7. Load control

  8. The strongest tower or center of the fort that serves as the last resort.

Sentences of Keep
  1. Return one copy to me and keep the other for your records.

  2. The control system keeps the machine on track

  3. He has to feed his extended family the way he chooses

  4. Of course I will keep my promise

  5. The teacher keeps a weekly diary

  6. Working overtime for a living

  7. When shepherds keep stubborn sheep away

  8. Even Saqab Aswad and the entrance to the old palace could not escape the disproportionate enthusiasm of some amateur restorators.

Synonyms of Keep

possession, food, comply with, pay attention to, tower, stay, provide food for, remain, custody, board, nourishment, charge, donjon, heed, fastness, sustain, provide board for, defer to, keep alive, finance, have regard to, sustenance, safe keeping, follow, fortress, act according to, keep, safeguard, trust, feed


Meanings of And:
  1. Boolean operator that returns if and only if all operations are another zero

  2. It is used to include words in a speech, sentence or part of a sentence that needs to be put together.

  3. It is used to introduce additional comments or interactions.

  4. It is used to indicate intention after some verbs and before other verbs, "no"

Sentences of And
  1. If he had to make a decision, and it was the worst, he would turn his back on his parents.

Synonyms of And

along with, also, added to, not to mention, in addition to, as well as, with, too, and, coupled with, besides, together with, including


Meanings of Pay:
  1. Attribute (someone) to the amount owed for your work, the goods received, or the loan.

  2. Facing any loss or other misfortune as a result of an action.

  3. Give (someone) (attention, respect or admiration)

  4. Someone is paid money for a permanent job.

  5. On fish (wooden deck or vibrating liner) or with tar to prevent leakage.

Sentences of Pay
  1. Pay locally to collect coffee beans

  2. They pay the price for your impatience

  3. No one pays attention to them

  4. Those who work under contract may receive higher wages.

Synonyms of Pay

reimburse, afford, suffer, recompense, settle up with, proffer, extend, offer, make atonement, render, net pay, remunerate, be punished, take-home pay, grant, wage, give, give payment to, tip, pay a penalty, get one's deserts