Definition of Karat:

  1. A measure of the purity (beauty) of gold or its proportion in an alloy. The definition of pure gold is 24 carats or 1000 fine: one carat is 41.66 fine. For example, a 22 carat gold alloy has 22 parts of gold and 2 parts of other metals (usually copper) and a softening of 916.66 (or 91.666% pure gold). Similarly, the 18 cm gold alloy is 75 75 pure gold. In Britain, both rust and rust are written as rust, while in Germany both are written as rust.

  2. Pure gold to pure gold measures 24 carats.

How to use Karat in a sentence?

  1. 24 carats an ounce of gold.

Meaning of Karat & Karat Definition