Kangaroo Bond

Kangaroo Bond,

What Does Kangaroo Bond Mean?

Kangaroo Bond refers to Kangaroo Bond is a type of foreign bond issued by non-Australian companies on the Australian market and is named in the Australian currency. Securities are subject to Australian Securities Regulations. Kangaroo tie is also called Matilda tie.

  • Kangaroo securities are issued in the Australian market by foreign companies and are valued in Australian dollars.
  • Companies may issue securities in other currencies to gain exposure to the country's market or interest rates or to increase liquidity in foreign currency.
  • Foreign companies often seek to expand their investor base by raising funds in other countries.
  • The advantage of kangaroo bonds for Australian investors is that they are not exposed to currency risk if they assume that if they buy the same bonds in foreign currency.

Kangaroo Bond means: Borrow in AUD from foreign companies or institutions (eg Asian Development Bank).

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