Who is Kamisama? In the culture of Anisa?

Kamisama is a term you use to refer to us when you do not know our names or when the context of our names is clear.

The problem with understanding is that the word kami, although often translated into English, is meaningless in the Western sense as an omnipotent being who is better than giving money or something else.

We are more accurately translated as the vital force or divine spark that is present in almost everything in the universe, both animate and inanimate. Anything (human / animal / plant / geological structure) that creates fear or surprise in the forest is (or) considered a strong success. In geological or vegetative formations (usually trees), shelters are usually built to feed themselves. Later, it will be dedicated to people or animals who have made great sacrifices, made great sacrifices, or possessed other extraordinary qualities. Very, very little is considered a living achievement.

Since Kami has an astronomical number (Anis says that eight million Kami indicates a very large number), it is impossible to name them all, so Kamisama or Okamisama is used (or is used as nutrition). Is the price of). Some comics are also compiled by us (some of us are written together) and Okamisama can be used to cover them all. Nineteen is not a plural form, therefore, plurality is out of context. This is the nutrition that is used to attract someone higher than you. It has nothing to do with singular or plural. The difference between San and Sama is the same, but the difference between Mr. / Miss / Miss and Mr. / M is not the same.

Unlike most religions, Shinto has no belief in protection, so faith is not important. There has never been a conflict between Shinto and science. Science is considered a way to better understand nature. And of course a better understanding of nature will allow humanity to live in harmony with nature. (Note that this does not mean sacrificing technology.) Shinto Sunday is a way of living and doing, rather than attending church services. The goal is to achieve maximum happiness and contentment in this life. Shinto doesn't see this life as a preparation for what might happen next.

There are Shinto writings, but it is believed that the author was writing at the time he was writing. They are not considered true. They were as important to Western civilization as Greek mythology.

Be honest. There is only one Almighty, the Creator of the universe, JEVAH (we also have God), who is my name, proclaiming God. In his legitimate words, he teaches us to separate him from an evil spirit disguised as an angel of light, capturing and deceiving the whole world in the name of what the evil spirit, called man, has been doing since ancient times. It was known by his name. . Countless different names like H, Krishna, Buddha, Baal, Astaroth, Queen Haven, Isis, Zeus, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris and all the S donkeys who call us wrong or S don't make the same mistakes as most donkeys and humans did. Is. Don't love it! Try the ghosts! Honor God Almighty, in Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, Savior of the world, in Wm we find the message of love, Father and redemption.



I found this second Eastern subculture in a manga sequel called Saionara Zetsubo Sensei. I even learned a lot about the layout and subculture of this manga. In a quay is an eastern lady, Hanamasuri. no. Once I saw Matsyangana Melody Pachi Pechi Pe, I took the place of the woman who kicked him in the air about the weather. In Eastern subcultures, some people land by themselves, and when they land in a certain way, they are informed of the weather.

Kami is a general term for spiritual beings.

It was even added to make it unique.

Our word can mean more than one. that's why

Applying a single form of commissary a

Spirit, divinity or but not.

Meaning Christian.